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Get dynamic short link, Gives great experience to your people

Use Releans Dynamic Links to deliver a customized user experience for iOS, Android, and the web.

Dynamic Links are free forever, for any scale


Serves 15 million links with Real-time statistics
Web User

Web User

Send users to the right place

Dynamic link service generate a web page based on your theme and display your amazing descriptions from apps.

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iOS & Android Users

Our intelligence system determines users devices to route them to the right place based on their device.

Releans helps you marketing your business, increase sales, and earn more money with SMS & Email Tools, Each feature works independently, and they work even better together.

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Android User iOS User

Mobile User

Dynamic Link features.

Redirect users to maps, facebook and twitter apps
to drive more sales, No browsers anymore.

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Drive more visits with social, email, and SMS marketing campaigns

Promotional campaigns that include Dynamic Links work for all users on every platform.

Increase conversion for user-to-user sharing

When a user shares your link, the ultimate goal is to convert their friends into real sales .

Convert web users to native app users

With Dynamic Links, you can seamlessly transition users from browsers to the equivalent app

Facebook Page


Hello, Visit our facebook page on

Instead of browser, send them to app

Platform supports Google and Apple Maps, Social Networking accounts, websites, and app installs.

Give your people an easy way to engage with your link, when clicked on a mobile device, automatically opens in the right app (even if they need to install the app first).

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