Reconnect is one place for all conversations

Reconnect is one place for all conversations

Releans provides the complete customer service solution that’s easy to use and scales with your business, Meet your customers where they are.

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Do customer service right

Convenience Messaging

Have a continuous conversation across channels, so customers never have to repeat themselves.

Flexible Platform Agents

Help customers do more themselves using bots, letting agents jump in only when necessary.

Personalization chats

Use customer data to create rich, interactive conversations that are tailored to their needs.

Make it easy for your customers

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Customers expect great service across all channels. Messaging makes it easy to stay in touch with personalized and engaging interactions. With Releans Reconnect, get messaging right out of the box or fully customize it to meet your needs.

Chatbot conversations
best customer service
A win for customers

Easily offer support on any channel like messaging, social, and bots.

deliver high quality support
Easy for agents

Give agents everything they need to deliver high quality support.

Unanswered messages are missed opportunities

Routing and intelligence

Keep things moving

Get chats to the right agent based on their expertise so that they're served a ticket they can efficiently solve, every time.

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Agent Routing

Set your teams up for success

Help your agents, admins and internal teams do their best work. Releans offers robust out-of-the-box tools that are quick to set up and easy to use.

  • Save agents time with collaboration chats
  • Manage and respond from one unified place
Customer Service Agents

See how Releans can help you achieve a positive ROI

We have the expertise to work as an extension of your team, ensuring our solutions have a strategic impact on your business. Together we can create a frictionless experience for your customers.

Releans Experts

Make sense of it all with actionable insights

Analyze, monitor and act based on what your customers need. It all works across sales, service, and third party systems with easy to use analytics and reporting.

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Enable round-the-clock support with chat bots

Releans Chatbot provides two distinct ways to enable customers to get help - even when agents aren't available. No coding is required and it's fully customizable!

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Releans Chatbot

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Remarkable customer experience. 24/7 support for you and your team, with local presence in 5 countries.

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